NPD Workshops/Training

Arvada Strategic Marketing specialises in the preparation and delivery of bespoke sales & marketing workshops. Arvada adopts a practical approach to Sales & Marketing Training, mixing the principles of marketing with workshop style exercises resulting in the ability to apply the various skills in the workplace. Our objectives are to:

  • Create awareness and an understanding of the subject
  • Apply it to your specific needs
  • Encourage interactivity
  • Prepare the foundation for a Sales & Marketing or Business Development Plan for your business

The courses are structured to encourage the maximum amount of interactivity; consisting of a classroom element making the use of presentation material and then applying the techniques learned to your own business by carrying out a number of practical exercises. These exercises are designed to provide the foundation for a tailored Strategic or Business Development Plan for your business.

We have facilitated a significant number of both public and in-house workshops over recent years and can demonstrate a good track record. The New Product Development workshops available are:

Successful New Product Development

The half-day workshop is designed to cover key aspects and create awareness of the tools available to apply an effective new product development strategy. The course is designed to provide a basic foundation for an individual NPD plan.

The objectives of the course are:

  • To complement the high level of technical skills within an organisation, with various practical techniques to support Product Development and reduce risk
  • To give a general awareness of New Product Development principles, methods and techniques
  • To apply them specifically to your company or idea

New Product Marketing

To support companies wishing to launch a new product, Arvada has prepared a short tailored course specifically focused on the launching and marketing of new products. The course is designed to give the delegates the basic knowledge and skills related to new product marketing and some tips on how to apply them to their own business.



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