Product Strategy & Management

Using its experience and expertise in International Product Management, Arvada Strategic Marketing has developed a "hands-on" consultancy package specifically designed to support companies in management of products and services.

It is our aim to complement the high level of technical skills within an organisation, with various marketing methods and techniques to create a dynamic product/service strategy aimed at growing your business. At the same time we will work with your existing product team to help develop "True Product Champions".

We are experienced in all elements of product/service strategy development. Our services include:

Product Strategy and Management

  • Marketing mix analysis
  • Product/service life cycles analysis
  • Product pipeline analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Competitive advantage
  • Applying the above to your company and developing a strategy

Understanding Markets/Customers and Apply Marketing Tactics

  • Understanding Market/Customer requirements
  • Market research
  • Customer profiling
  • Key messages
  • Databases and recording data
  • Marketing tools and tactics to effectively exploit opportunities available in the market

Business Development and International Marketing

  • Effective planning and targeting
  • Practical sales techniques
  • Approaching customers
  • Promotion planning
  • Supporting agents/distributors
  • International Marketing opportunities and strategies

Product Development and Product Launches

  • New product and marketing specifications
  • Effective development of new products
  • Core and support product development
  • Product rationalisation
  • Effective product launches

Pricing Strategies

  • Market pricing
  • Value-added opportunities
  • Developing pricing strategies

The Strategic Product/Service Plan

  • Developing the plan
  • Producing the plan
  • Communicating the plan
  • Implementing the plan


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