Product Development

Arvada Strategic Marketing offers a "hands-on" consultancy package specifically designed to support companies in the development and introduction of new products. The support service, which has been adopted by several of our clients, encompasses all elements of New Product/Service Development (NPD) from conception to launch, as well as providing support during the crucial stages of developing the market after introduction.

Arvada has developed the NPD consultancy service by listening to customer requirements. We have been conducting New Product Development and Marketing workshops on behalf of the Staffordshire Business Innovation Centre (BIC) since 2000. During this time we have experienced an increase in the requirement for more "hands on" support to complement the training.

After attending the workshops, several companies invited Arvada to work with them to introduce a marketing process to support their "in-house" technical expertise." The clients did not have a shortage of ideas, but they had difficulty successfully applying them to the market.

Using its international experience and expertise in developing and launching new products, Arvada has developed a support package that can include:

  • The identification of new product opportunities
  • Prioritising development activity (based on a number of internal and external drivers)
  • Providing market research support
  • Assisting in the validation and test marketing of products and services
  • Developing launch strategies
  • Identifying market development opportunities




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