Strategic Planning Process

The Arvada strategic review process has been proven in a wide range of manufacturing companies ranging from corporations to SME's. When working with SME's the approach is modified slightly and the terminology changed to tailor it to the specific needs of the participating company.

The objective of the process is to provide the platform and support to enable a business to develop and implement a sustainable business strategy. The process has been refined and developed over a number of years and is supported by a variety of practical implementation tools that are provided to the business in electronic template format. These tools usually enable the company to implement certain elements of the strategy quickly and often results in some "quick wins".

The process is designed to be practical and very "hands on" looking at real issues both within the business and its market place, with emphasis on sustainability and growth. It considers both the short term and long term requirements of the business. The strategic planning process works as follows:

  • Situation Analysis (where are we now)
  • Setting Objectives (where do we want to go?)
  • Developing a strategy & strategic drivers (how are we going to get there)
  • Tactics - Projects (details of the strategy)
  • Actions (linked to the tactics in priority order)
  • Control (measurement linked to strategic drivers, tactics and actions)
  • Implementation (Arvada implementation templates and help line support)


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