Sales & Marketing Strategy & Management

Arvada uses its experience, expertise and knowledge to help develop, introduce and execute effective Marketing Strategies.

To make a strategy work it is essential to have internal "buy in" as well as a good understanding of the market. By using our practical approach we work as part of your team to develop a tailored cost effective strategy whether it is for the company as a whole, the development of a specific market or the launch of a new product.

We have developed a number of skills and have the experience to give you the ability to introduce an effective marketing plan both quickly and effectively.

The final plan is produced as a dynamic document providing the ability to implement and communicate the plan as well as monitor progress.

Typical project activity would consist of:

  • Information Gathering and Familiarisation - understanding the products, services, company objectives and project timescales
  • Planning Workshop - working with the internal team to establish current market knowledge, activity and general market information resulting in a project activity plan
  • Strategy Development Activities - tailored to the specific project involving activity such as various forms of market research, competitor analysis, customer research etc.
  • Review Workshop - reporting the strategy development findings, bringing them together with the internal development activity and agreeing an outline strategy and plan
  • Distribution of Draft Strategic Plan - agree the plan content and activities
  • Present Final Approved Plan
  • Implementation of the strategy, provision of support activities, monitoring and review


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