Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Programmes are the focus of a significant amount of high profile publicity and media attention. The software products associated with this banner range from customer contact systems to sophisticated analysis tools. To be effective a customer relationship strategy should be a robust plan which enhances a company's interaction with its customers at all levels. Therefore a Customer Relationship Data Management system should be supported by a clearly defined customer focused business plan.

Arvada has considered many of the opportunities open to a company and prepared an independent, practical consultancy programme aimed at giving you the ability to introduce a customer programme tailored to your specific needs. We have also developed a business analysis tool that gives you the oppurtunity to improve bottom line performance by considering all customer service aspects of your business. We will work with you to:

  • Identify customer drivers
  • Implement a customer focused business strategy
  • Develop individual customer development programmes
  • Increase customer loyalty with the resulting benefit on bottom line performance
  • Adopt a balanced approach to customer acquisition and customer retention


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