Customer Surveys

In an ideal world we would all like to have the time and resources to be able to talk to our customers and get their feedback on the products and services we provide. Learning more about what customers think can help us to retain their business, offer opportunities to expand it and gain valuable information to increase competitive advantage.

Customer surveys can be invaluable in terms of:

  • Measuring current performance
  • Understanding future requirements
  • Creating awareness of new products and services
  • Identifying company positioning and brand awareness
  • Meeting the requirements of standards such as ISO 9001 & SC21

Arvada Strategic Marketing understands that the world is far from ideal and, whilst you may recognise the need to survey your customers, the reality is that you do not always have the time.

Arvada can work with you to establish a balance between customer retention and acquisition to help improve bottom line performance. We are an established market research company with international experience and expertise in conducting customer surveys, offering clients a 'one stop' solution.

Using Arvada to survey your customers guarantees a rapidly executed survey, a totally independent interpretation of the results and, most importantly, no disruption to your organisation and customer care staff.

We provide a consistent approach to all customer satisfaction surveys, based on tried and tested methodology, which is adapted to suit individual client requirements.



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