Market Research

Researching your market or markets in a practical and meaningful way can be a significant challenge. Arvada uses a wide range of research skills and techniques together with its experience, expertise and knowledge base to work with you to help gather information that will be of practical use in your business development plans.

Arvada is known for its ability to research and segment complex markets with wide ranging product/service portfolios and a large number of target customer groups. We are equally comfortable identifying and working in niche markets where there is often very little data available requiring a practical innovative approach to information gathering. Whatever the project we aim to deliver practical strategies and recommendations supported by credible information.

To achieve this we work as part of your team to obtain as much knowledge as possible about your company, products, services and market. We also establish any previous work that you have carried out as well as current activity to avoid duplication and save on costs.

We then establish the best methods to adopt to ensure maximum value is achieved from the research.

The initial research is then carried out in a "hands on" structured way to ensure that we obtain as much quality information as possible. We then take the research and by applying the knowledge that we have gained relating to your business, we look at the market in a practical way "through your companies' eyes" to enable us to develop practical recommendations and strategies for developing your business.



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